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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    My mom passed away May 12th we went to Guerra and Gutierrez spoke to Ron from the funeral home... this man lead out of his teeth.... he told us the corner was picking up my mother from the hospital after she passed... they had my mom my mom's body for 12 days without telling us... then the owner came down Richard Gutierrez... this man was worse he promised us he was going to take care of the services... tell us not to worry about the money... after the services he asked for the money.... once again we were lied to by Guerra and Gutierrez... we've had numerous services from them for family members... I would never take anybody there again.... if you love your loved ones don't ever take them there..... they'll be mistreated..... we finally had her Services June 1st

    Added May 04, 2017 by Rod Ortiz
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I wouldn't bother giving this place.a Star at all . Except to be able to comment is the only reason .
    " Owner Carlos Guerra "you know very well who I Am .
    You are a heartless GREEDY person . NO respect for the dead at all .( My Beautiful Mother , may she Rest In Peace ) And Counselor " Mary Alvarez " you are the same . " People " without me going into in depth detail , Trust me ... Don't give this place the time of day . If my Mother were still living and she'd choose again ? We'd be going elsewhere . The Bottom line to the owner " Carlos Guerra " is the Almighty Dollar . You did not deserve the privilege of my Mothers business . And to you counselor " Mary Alvarez " you didn't deserve the privilege of handling My Mothers business . And you really need to leave there and find a new line of work better yet at your age ? RETIRE you've lost it .

    Added December 17, 2016 by Casa Blanca Lilly White
  • Have used them 4 times a bit pricey but nice and clean

    Added November 08, 2016 by Luis Hernandez
  • Places like this tend to be very lavish and Pont, but there's more to every mortuary home that stands out in front of its competitors due to in numerous feats of helpfulness and reassuring tactics.

    Added September 28, 2016 by Lyudovik Rekov Escamilla
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